The Ultimate Educational Experience For Contractors

Download the EPIC2023 Lead Scanner App

To simplify the lead-collection process, we’ve partnered with Boomset to give you access to the Boomset Lead Retrieval App. Once your app is setup, you and everyone on your team — there is no user limit per company — can simply use your device to scan the QR code on attendees’ name badges. From there, you can add notes about your conversation before the contact is saved to your company’s database. At the close of the conference, you can export a spreadsheet of all the contacts you scanned in during EPIC2023.

To get started, click below to select your pertinent App Store and download the Boomset Lead Retrieval App. Once you open the app, scan your QR code and enter your pin during setup in order to join the EPIC2023 event, and activate (or join) your company’s license. Then start scanning for easy lead collection!