The Ultimate Educational Experience For Contractors

Maximization: Performance Transcending People and Process

Drew Cameron
Russ Horrocks
Most salespeople, sales managers, and owners are urgent to increase sales. Too often, they think the only way to do that is by creating and running more leads, which can in turn increase marketing costs, reduce customer experience, and decrease sales performance. These outcomes are exacerbated by a lack of tracking and accountability. To compound the problem, contractors have embraced technology with sales software optimized for company operations, not the consumer buying experience.

So what are the secrets to having an exponential impact in sales and profitability?

To have sales success in any market in North America, any economic climate, with any customers, salespeople need to get back to the fundamentals and get better. No fancy tools, technology, software, differentiated solution, or slick sales materials will make up for a fault in the salesperson’s ability to effectively connect and communicate with prospects in an evidence-based process that separates your company from other companies and offers in the market.

You must not look to the future with technology to drive sales; you must first look backward in time at how humans behaved and communicated to connect, then appropriately complement your consumer buying experience with technology if you want to propel your sales performance forward and your results upward. Contrary to popular belief, increasing sales starts with reducing opportunities per person and mastering the old school arts and sciences of communication.

Join Russ Horrocks and Drew Cameron in this powerful breakout session, where you’ll learn the three most basic and effective key concepts rooted in ancient Greek philosophy that must be applied to any consumer buying experience regardless of customer or salesperson personas, process, sales tools, market demographics, products offered, or price points. Plus, Drew and Russ will share crucial lessons that apply to every business, every salesperson, every product, every situation, that can persuade people to take action every time.

The ancient concepts, and current lessons and strategies you learn can:
  • Yield higher connection ratios
  • Increase average sales, revenue per lead, total revenue and profits
  • Maximize good reviews and customer referrals
  • Create more happiness all around

In this breakout session, you’ll learn:
  • Why sales managers should limit the number of daily opportunities per person
  • Why salespeople should spend more time with each prospect
  • How the lessons lead to a shift mix of product sales and work scope expansion
  • How to hold salespeople accountable by tracking every lead to a conclusion