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Tim Fisher
Tim Fisher
Director of Market Intelligence at HARDI
After several years of incredible sales performance, HVAC/R industry demand has slowed considerably over the last year, and the industry finds itself at a fascinating crossroads. What’s driving this slowdown, beyond mere economic uncertainty? What does the future hold? How can contractors put themselves in the best possible position to excel, now and in the future?

Join Tim Fisher, Director of Market Intelligence for HARDI, for this powerful session in which we’ll explore the factors that will shape future demand. You’ll gain valuable insights into the industry’s trajectory, uncover opportunities in this dynamic landscape, and get all the information your business needs in order to navigate the path ahead for the HVAC/R industry!

Plus, in this session you’ll learn about:
  • The effect of regulatory changes surrounding refrigerants and efficiency standards
  • The impact of interest rates and the high cost of capital
  • Ongoing consolidation of contractors and distributors and where it’s taking the industry
  • The ever-evolving strategies of suppliers
  • The external factors you need to insulate your business from in order to thrive
  • And more!